MANUAL - Coffee Maker Nº3

MANUAL - Coffee Maker Nº3


Coffeemaker Nº3 is a flexible manual coffee system that can brew pour-over, French press, or even cold brew coffee. The double walled glass design will keep your brew hot for over an hour, and can also double as an insulated pitcher for cold drinks.

  • Large format — at 40 oz you can make hand-crafted coffee for everyone

  • Flexible — enables you to brew a pour-over, French press or cold brew

  • Insulated — keeps your fresh-brewed coffee hotter for longer with the double-walled construction

  • Accessible — uses inexpensive 12 cup Melitta auto-drip filters, available at any grocery store

  • Multi-use — you can put the pitcher to use after coffee: the double-walled construction keeps your drinks cool and will never form condensation

  • Quality materials — Borosilicate glass, matte black porcelain, stainless steel and cork.

  • Care — Hand wash only

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